Learn Spanish and Explore Your Creativity


A1 Beginner
A2 High Beginner
B1 Intermediate
B2.1 Upper Intermediate

To  enroll into level A1.1 no previous knowledge of Spanish is required. To enroll into level A1.2 or A1.3 you need to be a returning student or take a level test.
Courses run 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
(20 hours of instruction)

A1.1  Beginner 1

Communicative Content

  • Give and ask for personal information
  • Greeting and saying good bye
  • Phrases to ask about the meaning of the words
  • Express intention
  • Express the reasons of our actions
  • Talk about what we are able to do in different languages
  • Describe places
  • Express existence and location
  • Talk about the weather

A1.2  Beginner 2

Communicative Content

  • Identify objects
  • Express  necessity
  • Shopping in a store, ask for a specific product and for prices
  • Talk about preferences
  • Talk about appearance and character
  • Express and contrast likes and interests
  • Ask about likes
  • Talk about personal relationships
  • Talk about habits
  • Express frequency
  • Ask and tell the time

A1.3  Beginner 3

Communicative Content

  • Talk about working in bars and restaurants
  • Ask and give information about food
  • Talk about eating habits
  • Describe towns, neighborhoods and cities
  • Talk about what we like most  about a place
  •  Ask and give information to get to a place
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Talk about past experiences
  • Talk about skills and abilities
  • Talk about people’s qualities and shortcomings

To enroll into level A2.1, A2.2 or A2.3 you need to be a returning student or take a level test.
Courses run 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
(20 hours of instruction)

A2.1  High Beginner 1

Communicative Content

  • Talk about habits and  difficulties
  • Talk about duration
  • Give recommendations
  • Describe feelings
  • Ask and respond to motivations
  • Talk about events in the past event
  • Talk about beginning and duration of an action
  • Express likes and preferences
  • Describe a home
  • Compare
  • Express coincidences
  • Locate the objects in a place
  • Describe objects

A2.2  High Beginner 2

Communicative Content

  • Get along in highly coded situations: presentations, greetings, farewells
  • Ask for things, actions and favors
  • Ask and grant permission
  • Give excuses and justify
  • Talk about leisure activities
  • Talk about schedules
  • Report past experiences
  • Describe places
  • Talk about intentions and projects
  • Talk about food tastes and habits
  • Explain how to prepare a dish

A2.3  High Beginner 3

Communicative Content

  • Talk about experiences and values
  • Evaluate people and things
  • Express desire to do something
  • Give advice
  • Talk about states of mind
  • Describe pain, discomfort and symptoms
  • Talk about habits and events in the past
  • Express actions in the past and the present
  • Argue and debate
  •  Talk about past events
  • Sequence actions
  • Express emotions

To enroll into level B1.1, B1.2, B1.3 or B1.4 you need to be a returning student or take a level test.
Courses run 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
(20 hours of instruction)

B1.1  Intermediate 1

Communicative Content

  • Talk about habits in the present
  • Narrate past experiences
  • Talk about beginning and duration of an action
  • Locate an action in time
  • Talk about actions and different situations in the future
  • Express conditions
  • Speculate about the future
  • Express prohibition
  • Express obligation
  • Express general statements and rules
  • Talk about habits

B1.2  Intermediate 2

Communicative Content

  • Narrate in the present
  • Summarize the plot of a novel, story or a movie
  • Tell anecdotes
  • Understand jokes
  • Recommend and give advise
  • Give instructions
  • To describe an advertisement
  • Express wishes, demands and needs
  • Propose solutions
  • Write an open letter reporting an issue

B1.3  Intermediate 3

Communicative Content

  • Understand  phone calls and leave messages on the phone
  • Communicate messages
  • Express commands, requests and give advise
  • Structures to tell anecdotes
  • Structures to show interest when listening to a story
  •  Talk about causes and effect
  • Express interests and feelings
  • Talk about people’s relationships
  • Disagree using different language registers
  • Soften disagreement
  • Counter argue

B1.4  Intermediate 4

Communicative Content

  • Describe the features and the functions of an object
  • Give opinion about an object
  • Evaluate different situations and events
  • Give opinions about actions and behaviors
  • Hypothesize and speculate
  • Narrate mysterious events
  • Express different degrees of certainty

To enroll into level B2.1.1, B2.1.2, or B2.1.3 you need to be a returning student or take a level test.
Courses run 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
(20 hours of instruction)

B2.1.1. Upper  Intermediate 1

Communicative Content

  • Talk about news and comment on them
  • Give opinion
  • Evaluate different opinions
  • Express agreement or disagreement
  •  Discuss different topics and participate in a conversation
  •  To narrate news

B2.1.2. Upper  Intermediate 2

Communicative Content

  • Give advise
  • Imagine different situations
  • Give opinion about actions and behaviors
  • Express wishes
  • Express lack of knowledge or information
  • Express a reason and a purpose
  • Give advice and make proposals
  • Talk about feelings, character and personality
  • Talk about characteristics  of a person and an object

B2.1.3  Upper  Intermediate 3

Communicative Content

  • Describe cities and their characteristics
  • Talk about past beliefs
  • Express positive and negative  feelings
  • Express terms and conditions
  • Establish terms and conditions

B2.2 Advanced

To enroll into level B2.2.1, B2.2.2, or B2.2.3 you need to be a returning student or take a level test.
Courses run 2 hours per week for 10 weeks
(20 hours of instruction)

B2.2.1 Advanced 1

Communicative Content

  • Describe activities, movements and locations of people and things
  • Give instructions
  • Talk about body posture
  • Express feelings and moods
  • Express a purpose
  • Express intentions
  • Use promises in reported speech
  • Remind somebody of their commitment

B2.2.2  Advanced 2

Communicative Content

  • Combine past tenses
  • Report to someone using past events
  • To communicate requests and warnings
  • Narrate stories (tales, epic stories, myths…)
  • Make predictions about the future
  • Analyze and present problems related to the environment (its causes and consequences)
  • To combine the texts together

B2.2.3  Advanced 3

Communicative Content

  • Talk about  job skills, responsibilities, problems and feelings
  • Describe a company
  • Some characteristics of a formal written text
  • Evaluate past events
  • Talk about events that didn’t occur in the past and their consequences
  • Reproach
  • Communicate what others did in the past
  • Talk about skills

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