Learn Spanish and Explore Your Creativity

Group Spanish Classes for Children

The group Spanish classes are held all year round: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions.

We offer the following levels:

Beginning, High Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and High Advanced.

Classes for children ages 6-7

In this age group we teach the students through the arts and crafts, games, songs, storytelling and multimedia. The children develop their communication skills by interacting with the other students. 

Classes for children ages 8-9

This course is designed to help children develop their communication skills. The curriculum includes teaching literature, geography, history culture of Spain and Latin American countries.

Classes for children ages 10-12

In this course the students will develop all 4 language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. As well, they will learn about history and culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

Classes for teenagers ages 13-16

In this course for teenagers the students learn about culture, history and geography of Spain and Latin America. The interests of students and the issues that are important to them will be incorporated in the content of this course.

Please contact us at 404-358-3883 orat info@linguaarte.com to discuss our language programs in detail.