Learn Spanish and Explore Your Creativity

Spanish Classes for Children

Why is it beneficial for children to learn Spanish?

~ Learning to speak Spanish at an early age can help a child succeed in life. The child can develop a talent for linguistic skills that will contribute to learning other languages at a later time.

~ Acquiring language skills at this early stage of child’s development comes naturally and easily.

~ The demand to speak Spanish is growing, and it is important to give the child the ability to keep up with an ever growing society.

~ Studies have shown that people who are bilingual are much better at different tasks that require multi-tasking and attention focusing than monolinguals. 

~ Research shows that children who study a foreign language perform better in their native language than non-bilingual students, as measured on standardized tests.

~ By learning Spanish at a young age, a child can grow up appreciating the Hispanic culture. Learning the language of a culture is the first step into understanding it better and why people within it do the things they do.

~ Learning a second language can help build creative thinking skills in children. Several studies have demonstrated greater creativity and problem solving skills amongst bilinguals.

Why learn Spanish at LinguaArte?

LinguaArte brings creativity into the classroom. Our language classes engage students in creative situations and motivate them to learn the language in an open and enjoyable atmosphere. Creative tasks enrich classroom work; they make it more enjoyable and varied, as well as help practice creative thinking skill, which is so crucial for language learning.

Our teachers are originally from Spain and Latin America. They are professionally trained, hold advanced degrees in Spanish (Masters or Ph.D.) and are experienced in child education. At our school your child will learn Spanish in a rich, creative and fun environment.