Learn Spanish and Explore Your Creativity

Spanish Programs For Schools

Children who grow up learning a foreign language from a young age can benefit from it to a large extent. Learning another language and have appreciation of another culture can bring the new perspective and enrich your child’s life. Research shows that those kids who have been exposed to a foreign language from an early age will have better problem solving skills, better critical thinking skills, more creativity, better multi-tasking abilities and a better memory. All of that can result in much better academic performance of your child. In addition to that, learning a foreign language can enhance and improve your child’s English language proficiency.

LinguaArte at your school

LinguaArte can assist you with developing a new curriculum for your school through incorporating the Creative Approach to Language Learning. It will help enrich and expand the existing Spanish language course through understanding and maximizing student engagement with the language and the cultures of Spain and Latin America.

As well:

~ We modify our Spanish curriculum to meet the specific needs of your school.

~ We offer cultural activities through our immersion and enrichment program in which Spanish and Latin American culture, literature and history are taught through art, music, theater and multimedia.

~ We offer educational activities that give the students plenty of opportunities to be creative in class and be actively engaged with the Latin American and Spanish culture.

Who are our teachers?

~ Our native speaking teachers have advanced degrees in Spanish language teaching and they received a professional training in child education.

~ They have extensive experience teaching Spanish to children.

~ They stay informed through professional development education in the newest methodologies and theories of Spanish language instruction and learning.

Our methodology

Our curriculum is based on the Creative Approach to Language Teaching. We are bringing creativity into the classroom that gives students the opportunity to practice an important skill for learning a language: thinking creatively. Lessons are structured around a certain task. Students become involved and engaged with the Spanish language, while developing an understanding and appreciation of the language. Interaction, communication and problem solving are essential components of our teaching approach. Our language classes will not be limited to any specific topic or subject. Language teachers will build their lessons on various topics related to sports, art, history, literature, geography, holidays and still focus on language. Students can easily be engaged in creative situations, interact with one another and be encouraged to participate actively in all class activities.