Learn Spanish and Explore Your Creativity

Why is it important to learn Spanish?

~ Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. By learning Spanish you will be able to communicate with Spanish speakers.

~ Learning a second language not only improves your brain, but also helps your mind stay sharp longer.

~ If one of your career goals is working abroad or traveling for work, learning how to speak Spanish fluently will help you achieve your goals.

~ If you speak Spanish fluently, you are more competitive in the workplace.

~ Learning Spanish can help improve your vocabulary by getting to know English words that have Latin roots.


Why study Spanish at Linguaarte?


~ Linguaarte is dedicated to promote the Spanish language and culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

~ In our classes we are using the Creative Approach to Language Teaching.

~ We offer affordable prices; special courses for companies, professionals, and children.

~ Our school is conveniently located in midtown Atlanta.

~ Our experienced, native speaking teachers are highly qualified in teaching Spanish. They hold advanced degrees in teaching Spanish, Applied Linguistics and other fields related to teaching a foreign language.

~ We offer classes during the day, evening and on Saturdays in very comfortable and spacious classrooms.

~ Our small size classes, of 4 to 8 students, provide many opportunities to practice conversational activities and allow teachers to give students their individualized attention.

~ We provide a placement test for those students who have some knowledge of the Spanish language to make sure that that each student is placed in the correct level.

~ We offer 5 different levels of the Spanish language proficiency from Beginning to Advanced.